World Cancer Day

Successful #HopeLivesOn Campaign for World Cancer Day 2024

The Global Trade & Technology Council (India) successfuly organized a campaign aimed at raising awareness about World Cancer Day 2024. The event took place at the Embassy of Myanmar during the Family Picnic organized by the India-Myanmar Friendship Association in collaboration with the Rajasthani Academy.

The campaign, held under the theme #HopeLivesOn, witnessed enthusiastic participation from attendees who gathered to support the cause and contribute to the awareness initiative. The event featured a unique and engaging activity where guests were invited to fill in the word “hope” on a board with heartfelt and optimistic messages for cancer victims and survivors.

Various Diplomats & Ambassadors participated in spreading the positive message of Hope. The atmosphere was charged with positivity and solidarity as participants shared their hopeful and wishful messages, symbolizing a collective stand against cancer. The messages aimed to inspire strength, courage, and a sense of unity among those affected by cancer, reinforcing the theme that hope continues to thrive even in the face of adversity.

The Global Trade & Technology Council (India) expresses gratitude to the Embassy of Myanmar, the India-Myanmar Friendship Association, and the Rajasthani Academy for their collaborative efforts in making this event a super success. It is through such collective endeavors that we can amplify the impact of our message and contribute to the global fight against cancer.