Tashkent International Investment Forum: A Promising Platform for Economic Growth

May 2-3, 2024, marked a significant milestone for the Uzbek economy as it hosted the third Tashkent International Investment Forum. President Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s opening speech set the tone for the event by highlighting the country’s economic achievements and ambitious plans for the future. With foreign investments nearly doubling last year and a 6% growth rate, Uzbekistan’s economy is on an upward trajectory.

The forum drew participation from over 2,500 delegates worldwide, including a distinguished delegation from the GTTCI Trade Chamber. The GTTCI delegation comprised Dr. Gaurav Gupta, President of GTTCI & Advisor- International Outreach and Brand Promotion in Religare; Dr. Rashmi Saluja, Executive Chairperson of Religare Enterprises Ltd. & Chairperson of GTTCI Trade Chamber; and Mr. Rakesh Asthana, Group Head of Corporate Affairs & Business Advisor of Religare Enterprises Limited and Chief Advisor of GTTCI Trade Chamber.

The delegates brought their wealth of experience and industry expertise to the event, engaging in meaningful discussions and exploring potential collaborations. Their presence underscored the strong interest and potential for business partnerships in the region.

Uzbekistan’s approach to economic liberalization and supportive policies for foreign investors, such as tax exemptions on dividends for a period of three years, offers an attractive climate for business expansion. The forum provided an opportunity for international investors to gain insight into the country’s strategic vision and emerging market prospects.

Overall, the Tashkent International Investment Forum served as a vibrant hub for networking and building valuable connections. The participation of key industry players like GTTCI highlighted the importance of fostering international relationships for sustainable economic growth. As Uzbekistan continues to prioritize reforms and innovation, the future looks promising for both local and international investors.