GTTCI’s Grand Global Diplomacy Gala Night in India: A Landmark Event

Global Trade & Technology Council (India) (GTTCI) orchestrated a momentous member’s meeting in anticipation of the upcoming Annual General Meeting, setting the stage for the Global Diplomacy Gala Night. This event will be an extraordinary first for India, showcasing numerous ambassadors and diplomats in an unprecedented private organization setting, commemorating their outstanding contributions.

Anticipated as a nexus of international cooperation, the event is set to host over 70 diplomats representing 35 countries. With a remarkable response, 25 ambassadors have already confirmed their attendance, underscoring the significance of the Global Diplomacy Gala Night as a testament to fostering global partnerships and diplomatic camaraderie.

Founder President Dr. Gaurav Gupta’s active involvement and the support from esteemed partners like Aruna Abhey Oswal Trust as the Gold Patron, along with Gifting Partners L’Opera, India IPO, PowerGilt Treasuries, and Core & Pure Essential Oils, solidified the foundation for this meeting.

The esteemed presence and guidance of Advisor Air Marshall Naresh Verma added to the event’s anticipation. Additionally, the induction of new member Mahendra Sharma was celebrated, as he was honored with a special GTTCI association memento. India IPO’s managing director SK Tandon further confirmed their Platinum Partnership, underscoring the gala’s significance. The Global Diplomacy Gala Night promises to be an unprecedented celebration of diplomatic accomplishments and a testament to India’s global standing.