Venue: Civil Services Officers’ Institute, New Delhi

New Delhi, India – International Friendship Day was celebrated at CSOI (Civil Services Officers’ Institute) on 31st July 2023. Organized by Global Trade and Technology Council India (GTTCI) in association with Indian Council for Human Relations & Lions Club Delhi Veg, the event aimed to foster friendship and camaraderie among nations.

Diplomats and ambassadors from various countries, including Lesotho, USA, Russia, Gambia, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka, joined esteemed guests and dignitaries. Justice Jain, Air Marshal Naresh Verma, and Smt. Aman Patel graced the occasion.

Advisor Ambassador Amarendra Khatua delivered a significant address, highlighting the importance of strong friendships and cooperation in today’s interconnected world.

Founder President Dr. Gaurav Gupta emphasized establishing friendly relations for stronger trade ties. General Secretary Mr. KL Malhotra gave a welcome address.

Cultural exchanges and engaging activities symbolized the essence of friendship, promoting unity and mutual respect. GTTCI announced the July Edition of GTTC Insights, focusing on global trade, technology, and socio-economic developments.

GTTCI also signed MoUs with Federation of Indo-Israeli Chambers of Commerce & Fauji Startups to boost bilateral trade relations. The celebration marked a remarkable milestone in fostering stronger ties and promoting a harmonious global community.