GTTCI Strengthens Diplomatic Relations between Africa & India

GTTCI Hosts Meet and Greet with Former High Commissioner of Nigeria to India

New Delhi, 13th May 2024 – The Global Trade & Technology Council of India (GTTCI) organized a distinguished meet and greet event, focusing on strengthening diplomatic relations between Africa and India. Held at the Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport, the event brought together high commissioners, diplomats, and GTTCI members, reflecting a mutual commitment to fostering robust bilateral ties.

Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Founder President of GTTCI, inaugurated the event by welcoming the esteemed guests and underscoring the importance of deepening diplomatic and economic relations between India and African nations. The gathering provided an excellent platform for dialogue, networking, and collaboration, further enhancing the spirit of international cooperation.

Prominent attendees included the High Commissioner of Mauritius, His Excellency H Dillum, the Charg√© d’Affaires of the Embassy of Lesotho, the Honorary Consul General of the Union of Comoros, along with several diplomats from the Nigerian High Commission. The presence of such high-level representatives underscored the event’s significance in promoting stronger bilateral partnerships.

In his remarks, High Commissioner H Dillum highlighted the recent G20 summit convened under India’s presidency. He commended India’s proposal to include the African Union in the G20, emphasizing the vast investment and trade opportunities in Africa, particularly spotlighting Nigeria and Mauritius as key partners.

The event also served as an occasion to welcome His Excellency Ahmed Sule, Former High Commissioner of Nigeria to India and Director (Asia & Gulf Region) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja. Dr. Gupta and other GTTCI members expressed their appreciation for His Excellency’s invaluable contributions to advancing Nigeria-India relations, with floral tributes symbolizing friendship and collaboration.

Ashwani Goela, representing Radisson Blu, extended a warm welcome to all dignitaries, setting a hospitable tone for the evening.

Notable figures such as GTTCI Advisor Dnyaneshwar Mulay, Sadhna Shankar IRS, a member of NCDRC and GTTCI advisor, and Dr. Pawan Kansal, who provided insights into GTTCI’s forthcoming initiatives aimed at enhancing trade relations between India and Africa, graced the occasion. Their presence further emphasized the event’s focus on promoting economic cooperation and mutual prosperity.

The event witnessed active participation from GTTCI members, including Kapil Khandelwal, Naresh Mangal, SL Tank, Laxmi, Sushil Goel, Shubham Gupta, and other esteemed guests. Their engagement highlighted the collective effort to reaffirm and fortify diplomatic relations with African nations.

In conclusion, the meet and greet hosted by GTTCI exemplified a commendable effort to strengthen diplomatic and economic ties between India and Africa. GTTCI remains dedicated to facilitating dialogue, cooperation, and partnership, reinforcing its mission to promote global trade and investment opportunities.