GTTCI President Expresses Condolences to HE Dr. Iraj Ilahi, Iranian Ambassador, Following the Tragic Passing of President Ebrahim Raisi

In a heartfelt gesture of solidarity and sympathy, the President of the Global Trade & Technology Council (GTTCI), Dr. Gaurav Gupta, met with His Excellency Dr. Iraj Ilahi, the Iranian Ambassador to India, at the Embassy of Iran in New Delhi. The visit was prompted by the tragic passing of the Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi, following an unfortunate helicopter crash.

Dr. Gaurav Gupta conveyed his deepest condolences on behalf of the GTTCI and its members, recognizing the profound impact of President Raisi’s leadership and dedication to the Iranian nation. During the meeting, Dr. Gupta expressed his sorrow and offered words of comfort to HE Dr. Ilahi, acknowledging the loss felt by the people of Iran and the international community.

President Raisi, known for his commitment to fostering diplomatic relations and economic development, will be remembered for his substantial contributions to Iran’s progress and stability. His vision and leadership were instrumental in strengthening bilateral ties between Iran and numerous countries, including India.

In this moment of grief, GTTCI stands with the people of Iran, sharing in their mourning and reflecting on President Raisi’s legacy. Dr. Gupta emphasized the importance of unity and support during such difficult times, reinforcing the bond between GTTCI and the Iranian community.

The visit underscored the values of empathy and international camaraderie that GTTCI upholds, highlighting the organization’s commitment to fostering strong global connections and mutual support among nations.

Dr. Gaurav Gupta’s meeting with HE Dr. Iraj Ilahi concluded with a shared commitment to continue working towards enhancing bilateral relations and honoring the memory of President Ebrahim Raisi through continued cooperation and partnership.

GTTCI remains dedicated to promoting global trade and technology collaboration, while also standing in solidarity with nations in times of sorrow and celebration alike.