GTTCI Commemorates UN Peacekeepers Day 2024

New Delhi, May 30, 2024

The Global Trade & Technology Council of India (GTTCI) commemorated UN Peacekeepers Day with a solemn event held at Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport. The occasion brought together an esteemed assembly of diplomats, dignitaries, and GTTCI members to honor the sacrifices and significance of UN peacekeepers.

The event saw the presence of the Ambassador of Brunei, the Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Djibouti, the Minister Plenipotentiary of the Embassy of South Sudan, as well as diplomats from the embassies of Iran, Palestine, Gambia, Guyana, and the Defence Attaché of the Embassy of Mongolia. Each diplomat emphasized the pivotal role of peacekeepers and their invaluable contributions to global peace and stability.

Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Founder President of GTTCI, warmly welcomed all the guests and reaffirmed that celebrating UN Peacekeepers Day has become a cherished tradition for GTTCI, observed faithfully over the years.

Dr. Rashmi Saluja, Chairperson of GTTCI, delivered the keynote address, underscoring the essential role of peace in achieving progress and the vital contributions of peacekeepers to these missions.

Mr. Rakesh Asthana, Chief Advisor of GTTCI, provided the welcome address, setting a thoughtful tone for the event with the theme for 2024: “Fit for the Future, Building Better Together.”

Mr. Abhay Phansalkar, Deputy Principal Military Secretary to the President of India, shared three poignant incidents from his peacekeeping experience, highlighting the extraordinary challenges faced by peacekeepers and the importance of celebrating their dedication and bravery.

In closing, Mr. Rajiv (Retd. IPS) delivered the vote of thanks, expressing deep gratitude to all attendees and to GTTCI for recognizing and celebrating this significant day.

Prominent GTTCI members in attendance included Kapil Khandelwal, GK Khandelwal, Vineet Nahata, Dr. Vinod K. Verma, Madhok, Mukul Garg, Umesh Aggarwal and Shubham Gupta.

GTTCI remains committed to honoring the noble efforts of UN peacekeepers and fostering a spirit of global cooperation and peace.