Global Diplomacy Gala Night

4th November 2023, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport, New Delhi, India

New Delhi, November 4, 2023 – The Global Trade & Technology Council (India) – GTTCI, marked a significant milestone with its Annual General Meeting 2023 hosted as the Global Diplomacy Gala Night with the Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport, presented by India IPO. The glittering event, embellished with the spirit of Diwali, showcased the commendable achievements of ambassadors and diplomats, fostering international relationships and economic growth. The event was supported by Gold Sponsor Aruna Abhey Oswal Trust.

Dr. Gaurav Gupta, Founder President – GTTCI presented the welcome address highlighting the achievements of GTTCI and expressed gratitude to all ambassadors and diplomats for enabling GTTCI in strengthening trade relations by providing unwavering support and collaboration opportunities. Following this, he welcomed Mrs. & Mr. Nitin Kapur, Managing Director of Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport.

Honoring Exemplary Support from Distinguished Global Representatives

Over 45 foreign missions, including ambassadors and diplomats from various countries, were acknowledged for their unwavering support, strengthening GTTCI’s efforts in fostering robust economic ties and global diplomacy. Notable attendees included ambassadors from Embassy of the State of Eritrea, Embassy of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, Embassy of the Republic of Belarus, Brunei Darussalam High Commission, Royal Danish Embassy, Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Fiji High Commission, High Commission of Gambia, Ghana High Commission, Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic, League of Arab States Mission, High Commission of the Kingdom of Lesotho, High Commission of The Republic of Mauritius, Embassy of Mongolia, Embassy of Myanmar, Embassy of Nepal, Embassy of the Republic of Niger, High Commission of Nigeria, Embassy of Macedonia, the Papua New Guinea High Commission, Embassy of Peru, Embassy of the Republic of Serbia, High Commission of the Republic of Seychelles, High Commission of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, Embassy of Uruguay, Embassy of the Republic of Burundi, Embassy of the Republic of Chile, Malawi, High Commission of the Republic of Maldives, Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan, and the Embassy of Suriname.

Additionally, diplomats from the Uganda High Commission, Consulate of Union of the Comoros, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Embassy of Djibouti, Embassy of the Republic of Madagascar, Russian Federation, High Commission of Sri Lanka, Embassy of the United States of America, Embassy of Uzbekistan, Embassy of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Embassy of Egypt, the Embassy of Palestine, Embassy of Iran, Embassy of Angola, Zambia High Commission and the Embassy of China also graced the occasion with their presence.

Gala was a global affair with participation of over 90 diplomats.

Notable invitees included Mrs. & Mr. Nitin Kapur (MD – Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport), Dhiraj Dhar Gupta, Subhash Goyal, Amb Amarendra Khatua, Naresh Verma, Maj Gen Dilawar Singh, Sanjeev Johar, Vinay Sharma.

A Symbol of Growth: GTTCI’s now recognized as GTTCI Trade Chamber by Ministry of Corporate Affairs

In an impressive display of progress, GTTCI unveiled that it has now been recognised as a trade chamber under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs for its pivotal role in promoting trade and reinforcing bilateral relations through diplomacy. Additionally, the unveiling of the remarkable artwork ‘India in Single Line’ by AP Shreethar and the launch of the GTTCI Trade Chamber further underlined the council’s commitment to promoting global trade and technology.

GTTCI members from across the country participated in the AGM travelling from various states including Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu.

The Gala was a global success with participation GTTCI members – Founder Chairman Dr. Pawan kansal, Aisshwarya Waankhaday, Ankur Khandelwal, AP Shreethar, GK Khandelwal, Jaspreet Bindra, Jaydeep Waankhaday, Kapil      Khandelwal, Laxmi, Mahendra Sharma, Naresh Mangal, Navratan Aggarwal, Nehaa Singh, PARMEET SINGH      Chadha, Pienaal Waankhaday, Piyush Aggarwal, Pravin Kumar Jain, Rajesh  +Bajaj, Rajiv Tuli, Rennie Joy, S K Tandon, Sabeen Ahsan, Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Santosh Jasrasaria, Dr. Shobha Tomar, Sneha  Routray, Sonali Bhagwat, Suyog M  Bagul, Vickrant Chandwadkkar.

Gala got support of associates OmTrax Relocations & Ram Rattan Group, Premium Gifting Partner – Polyfibre World and gifting partners – L’opera, Shri & Sam, Powergilt Treasuries, India IPO, OmTrax, Core & Pure, Prabhat Prakashan, Mukesh Gajak, AP Shreethar, Nemko Green tea & Studio JSM.

The guests really appreciated the initiatives of GTTCI to organize this gala which was possible due to efforts of GTTCI members like Shubham Gupta, Jitender Chawla, Payal Kansal, Neha Talwar, Kawaljit Singh, Parag Anand

The event, highlighted by graceful lamp lighting ceremonies, vibrant dance performances, and a joyous Diwali cocktail dinner, reaffirmed GTTCI’s dedication to fostering a vibrant and interconnected global trade community. With the support of esteemed members and diplomatic representatives, GTTCI stands poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of international trade and diplomacy.

Participating countries-

  1. India
  2. Eritrea
  3. Algeria
  4. Belarus
  5. Brunei
  6. Denmark
  7. Ethiopia
  8. Fiji
  9. Gambia
  10. Ghana
  11. Kazakhstan
  12. Kyrgyz Republic
  13. League of Arab States
  14. Lesotho
  15. Mauritius
  16. Mongolia
  17. Myanmar
  18. Nepal
  19. Niger
  20. Nigeria
  21. Macedonia
  22. Papua New Guinea
  23. Peru
  24. Serbia
  25. Seychelles
  26. Trinidad & Tobago
  27. Uruguay
  28. Burundi
  29. Chile
  30. Malawi
  31. Maldives
  32. South Sudan
  33. Suriname
  34. Uganda
  35. Comoros
  36. Azerbaijan
  37. Czech Republic
  38. Djibouti
  39. Madagascar
  40. Russian Federation
  41. Sri Lanka
  42. United States of America
  43. Uzbekistan
  44. Vietnam
  45. Egypt
  46. Palestine
  47. Iran
  48. Angola
  49. Zambia
  50. China