Arkhangelsk Region, Russian Delegation to India

The Global Trade & Technology Council (India) recently had the honor of participating in a trade meeting with the Arkhangelsk Region Delegation to India on October 3, 2023. This event, organized by the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation, brought together three prominent Russian companies seeking to explore opportunities in the Indian market.

  1. LLC Health from the Nature of North: This company specializes in natural instant exotic Berry drinks for single-serve consumption. Their presence at the meeting showcased their interest in expanding their product offerings to Indian consumers.
  2. LLC M: Focusing on the oil and gas sector, LLC M specializes in pipelines for drilling. Their participation demonstrated their eagerness to engage with Indian partners in this industry.
  3. Kitsofit: Kitsofit specializes in process management solutions for industries and factories, offering software and consultancy services. They are actively seeking collaborations with factory owners for process integration and are looking for IT companies or integrators to establish partnerships that will provide them with access to the Indian market.

This trade meeting marked a significant step in fostering international cooperation and business opportunities between Russia and India. It’s an exciting time for cross-border partnerships in the world of trade and technology.