Africa Day 2024 with “Rising of the Global South: Trade Prospects”

GTTCI Celebrates Africa Day with “Rising of the Global South: Trade Prospects” Event

GTTCI Hosts “Rising of the Global South: Trade Prospects” on Africa Day, May 24th, 2024, at the Embassy of Ethiopia

On May 24th, 2024, the Global Trade & Technology Council of India (GTTCI) proudly hosted the event “Rising of the Global South: Trade Prospects” in celebration of Africa Day at the Embassy of Ethiopia. This significant gathering brought together distinguished diplomats, ambassadors, and industry leaders to discuss and promote trade and investment opportunities between India and the nations of Africa.

His Excellency Mr. Demeke Atnafu Ambula, Ambassador of Ethiopia, commenced the event with an enlightening address highlighting the rich history and deep-rooted relationship between India and Africa. He underscored the vast potential for collaboration and the importance of Africa Day in commemorating this enduring partnership. Dr. Rashmi Saluja, Chairperson of GTTCI, delivered the keynote address, emphasizing India’s keen interest in investment opportunities within Africa and the broader Global South. She stressed the critical role of fostering strong economic ties to ensure mutual growth and prosperity.

Prime Minister Modi’s Initiatives Highlighted at GTTCI Africa Day Celebration

GTTCI President Dr. Gaurav Gupta welcomed all guests and highlighted various initiatives led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi aimed at amplifying the voice of the Global South on the world stage. He showcased India’s commitment to enhancing its partnerships with African nations through collaborative efforts and strategic investments. Chief Advisor Mr. Rakesh Asthana elaborated on the India-Africa partnership, outlining various prospects for economic cooperation and shared development. His address reinforced the potential for sustainable and impactful collaborations.

The Ambassador of Zambia emphasized the necessity of focusing on investments to achieve sustainable growth, while the Ambassador of Mongolia lauded India’s leadership in empowering the Global South and highlighted the historical significance of Indo-Mongolian relations. Various other diplomats and ambassadors also shared their perspectives on strengthening the partnership between India and Africa, contributing to a robust dialogue on future opportunities and collaborative ventures.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed guests including IPS Rajiv, Mr. Ravindra Kumar Srivastava, Former IFS Dr. D.N.M. Mulay, Member of the Consumer Commission Ms. Sadhna Shanker, Mr. Kazem Samandari, and Wg Cdr Praful Bakshi. Guests enjoyed the hospitality provided by L’Opéra and were honored by GTTCI members for their participation.

The event witnessed active participation from numerous foreign missions, including the High Commission of The Republic of Mauritius, High Commission of the Republic of Zambia, Embassy of Mongolia, Kenya High Commission, Embassy of the Republic of Sudan, European External Action Service, Embassy of Angola, Embassy of Botswana, Embassy of Chad, Embassy of China, Embassy of Djibouti, Embassy of Ghana, Embassy of Guinea, Embassy of Lesotho, Embassy of Libya, Embassy of Nigeria, Embassy of Norway, Embassy of Oman, Embassy of Palestine, Embassy of the Russian Federation, Embassy of Rwanda, Embassy of South Africa, Embassy of South Sudan, Embassy of Sri Lanka, Embassy of Tajikistan, Embassy of the Togolese Republic, Embassy of Vietnam, Embassy of the Gambia, and Embassy of Cuba.

In addition, GTTCI proudly unveiled the May edition of GTTC Insights 2024 during the event. This latest publication offers in-depth analyses and perspectives on emerging trade trends and technological advancements, further contributing to the discourse on strengthening economic ties.

GTTCI extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants and looks forward to fostering stronger economic and diplomatic ties with our partners across the globe. This event marked a significant step towards a brighter and more collaborative future for the Global South.