Advancing Global Trade: Insights from GTTCI Board Meeting

Date: December 16, 2023

The Global Trade & Technology Council (India) recently convened for a pivotal board meeting, graciously hosted by Founder Board Member Adv Rajiv Tuli on December 16, 2023. This gathering focused on reflecting on past achievements while unveiling upcoming engagements and developments within GTTCI.

Founder President Dr. Gaurav Gupta spearheaded the meeting, highlighting GTTCI’s escalating stature within the diplomatic arena. He shared insights into imminent engagements such as the Vietnamese Delegation, Global Trade Excellence Forum, EV Expo, GTTC India Myanmar Forum, and GPBS B2B Exhibition, solidifying the organization’s global presence.

Central to discussions was the imminent GTTCI Trade Directory, poised to become a cornerstone resource in the global trade landscape. The board meticulously outlined plans for the GTTCI Trade Chamber, envisioning a dynamic app uniting businesses across India with global trade leads, business intel, and diplomatic updates.

Dr. Pawan Kansal, Founder Chairperson – Industrial Export, acknowledged GTTCI’s relentless efforts and lauded its significant advancements.

The meeting was enriched by the insights of attendees: Jaspreet Bindra, Parmeet Singh Chadha, Rishabh Sawansukha, Kapil Khandelwal, GK Khandelwal, and Shubham Gupta. Their diverse expertise contributed to strategic discussions, laying the groundwork for cohesive initiatives.

This congregation of visionaries reiterated GTTCI’s commitment to fostering international partnerships, technological progress, and global trade facilitation. The collective dedication of all members stands as a testament to the resolve to drive positive transformations in global commerce and innovation.

Anticipate further updates as GTTCI continues its journey to shape a connected global trade landscape, fostering collaboration and mutual growth.