59th Anniversary of Independence of Malta

The Global Trade & Technology Council of India (GTTCI) had a remarkable moment on October 3rd, 2023, as its Founder President, Dr. Gaurav Gupta, was invited to the grand celebrations of Malta Independence Day. The Embassy of Malta hosted this prestigious event in New Delhi, and the festivities took place at the luxurious Ambassador, IHCL Seleqtion Hotel. This invitation underscores Dr. Gupta’s significant contributions to fostering international partnerships and trade relations.

The celebration marked the 59th anniversary of Malta’s independence and provided an excellent platform for cultural exchange and diplomatic dialogue. Dr. Gaurav Gupta’s presence at the event reaffirmed GTTCI’s commitment to promoting global trade and technology cooperation. It also highlighted India’s growing role in international trade discussions and its strong bilateral ties with Malta. This event served as a testament to the importance of collaboration and diplomacy in today’s interconnected world.